E.lebleu: You, Me & The Werewolves

Four years can really make a difference. In 2005, Eric Gamboa delivered through Soundsister Two Years Off, a delicate, ethereal ambient folk album based on electroacustic experimentation, field recordings and noisy, warm introspection. But something changed. Gamboa is in a different place now, and with You, Me and The Werewolves (Poni Republic, 2009) he has a new goal: to make you dance!

In only 6 songs, this EP really gets diverse, taking elements from the wide dance territory, like techno/house/minimal/hiphop-ish beats, chopped vocal samples, wobbling basses, moving synths, clicks'n'cuts, you name it. The only vocals are provided by Poni fellow Nuuro, on the track "The Mothman", which sounds like a late-night England. This isn't the only collaboration: Mexican friend Rugoso adds flavor to "Polynesian Rush", while Gamboa wrestles with laptop artist Plug on a pretty fun, upbeat, live versus called "Pony Ride". Damn, I'm already tapping my toes.

This new E.lebleu release deserves at least a listen, but I recommend 2 or 3, just to have those beats burnt into your brain. So, who knows? If at first he took two years off, then four, then maybe in six years we'll get a grind / hardcore punk album or something like that. We'll wait and see.

Text by Cheky

// You, Me & The Werewolves EP //

1.- The Two Lines Between Us
2.- The Mothman feat. Nuuro
3.- I Wish You Were Real
4.- Like Tigers in the Back Seat of My Car
5.- Polynesian Rush feat. Rugoso
6.- E.lebleu vs. Plug - Pony Ride (Party In My Room Edit)


RAR file, includes artwork

All songs were produced and arranged by E.lebleu. Except "The Mothman", lyrics were written and sang by Nuuro. Artwork ("Ghostlar") by Gustavo Abascal. Eric would like to thank everybody involved with the making of this release. Especially Ainée. Peace out, you fucking satanist. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2009.

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Manga Doll [Martha Poly VIl] said...

rythm is a dancing... you can feel it! always and forever...