Nuuro, All Clear

Alejandro Ghersi is a 16 year old wiz-kid from Venezuela that might as well represent what young kids have been waiting for. Cute, yet intelligent, electronic pop well structured songs, sung by a stunning voice that will shock older audiences too.

He's not 80's influenced, but he sure knows how to sing and make any song sound beautiful, like back in the days. For some reason, he makes us think of Morrissey or Ben Gibbard singing over beats done by Psapp, Mu-ziq or Yellotone.

Youthful and sophisticated electronic glitchery crafted for melancholic pop songs about high school passion and loss. Far from being naive, Venezuela's new poster boy writes downhearted stories meant for nostalgic souls.

Nuuro previously released In Transit EP in (2005) and has already featured an exclusive track on Little Darla Has a Treat for You v.24 (Darla) compilation this summer. All Clear is our first physical release through Soundsister Records and you can already order it at Darla and Juno.

01 - Not Agaiin DOWNLOAD
02 - Frame Me
03 - Softer Things
04 - Common Dragons DOWNLOAD
05 - Flying On A Space Ship
06 - Oh One
07 - Cerial Box
08 - Ambience Is Unimportant
09 - Waiting DOWNLOAD
10 - All Clear
11 - Terrorfist DOWNLOAD
12 - Blister
13 - The Wall

All written and produced by Alejandro Ghersi except Frame Me, co-written by Mariana Cadavieco. Mastered by Visonear. Cover photo by Kyle La Valley. Recorded in Caracas, Venezuela; 2006. Contact: www.nuuro.net.

Soundsister Records / Poni Republic. All rights reserved. Distributed worldwide via Darla and Fluor Music in Mexico. Fluor music is a division of Noise Kontrol.