Elaine, De verdad, de verdad quiero que te mueras

Venezuelan trio Elaine finally deliver their debut album, "De verdad, de verdad quiero que te mueras", and one thing's for sure: This album will make you both mosh and dance.

The songs are built in the key of punk rock, but they feed from different styles, like indie rock, surf/rockabilly, hardcore, Latin music, ska, and many more. You won't get bored, I promise. Recorded live almost in its entirety, "De verdad..." transport you to an Elaine show, with a sonic palette enhanced by audio effects and diginoise. The album gives you little time to breath, so the adrenalin remains on its peak for almost 30 minutes.

"De verdad..." is filled with angry, sexy and pessimistic lyrics, raging screams, poppy harmonies, inside jokes and the occasional animal noises. You may or may not already know the killer combo of "Yes Louis", "Over It (Not)" and "Like It Naked", featured on the "Desnuditos" EP (The Poni Republic, 2009), which showcased perfectly the essence of the band, and remain the best songs on this record.

"Verushka" is a dark wave-ish tune with a little joke via Korn. With a Batman theme-like intro, "Horrorpunk" mocks the whole vampiresque pose, or maybe an specific someone. "Take it away" is the slowest number on the album, and is as anthemic as any song by Against Me!, for example. And there are 4 (almost) instrumental pieces, completely welcomed. Sleater-Kinney, NOFX, Ramones, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Siouxie... You can taste them all blended in these 12 songs, but with a twist.

Sadly, Elaine called it quits earlier this year. Luckily, we have this release to remember their fun existence.


// De verdad, de verdad quiero que te mueras //

1.- Merengue sin letra
2.- Verushka
3.- Pian
4.- Puta
5.- Over It (Not)
6.- Horrorpunk
7.- Take It Away
8.- Pobrecito Andresito
9.- Yes Louis
10.- Ha Hu Ha
11.- Like It Naked
12.- Rochelle


RAR file, includes artwork and lyrics in PDF

All music by Elaine. Elaine are Sherezade Ortiz, Lya Reis & IL Gimón. Produced by Claudio Ramírez & Elaine. Recorded live, mixed and mastered by Claudio Ramírez at Cromo Audiolab, Caracas, Venezuela. Artwork by Andreina Pian Restrepo. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2010.