Anton, To Terra

Sometimes, we tend to get a little crazy in here. As you may already know, Poni Republic seeks pop through all sorts of art, initiatives and sounds. We truly believe there are pop references everywhere and actually, finding them, is one of our favorite sports. Although Anton in this particular case was the one who found us, we consider these spontaneous mutual discoveries THE true objective of this so-called netlabel game, thus we’re more than happy to introduce you once again, to one of the most fucked up releases we’ve ever hosted.

To Terra, lies somewhere between the atmospheres of the earliest Richard D. James’ work and the forever-yummy atmospheres, textures and bipolarity of the legendary roster of Rephlex Records. Do any of you remember Bogdan Raczynski or Cylobotnia? Well we do, as a matter of fact, we always do, a little bit too much, to be sincere. However, this release is also “a compilation of tracks put together as a vessel for adventures, experiences, memories, and best friends. Enjoy” so says Anton Vegel, the guy behind this scene.

// To Terra //

1.- Form
2.- Grum
3.- Wee-hu
4.- Square Ex
5.- Death Acid
6.- You and She
7.- Fuyo's Noise
8.- Whe Whe
9.- Luces
10.- Quest
11.- Mega BXX
12.- 2
13.- Prance
14.- Sunshine Beach
15.- Joure
16.- Hiyaki's Supercomputer
17.- Room Amatory
18.- 3
19.- More Shy
20.- Coplet
21.- You Left


RAR file, includes artwork

Everything by Anton Vegel. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2009.


Bi-Log, Nos casamos en África

Querían contraer matrimonio en el "continente negro" porque allí hace calor. En las valijas guardaron anteojos de sol, ropa y juguetes de playa. La Policía los entretuvo hasta que ubicaron a los padres

Cuando en Alemania, más precisamente en Hannover, se celebraba el primer día del nuevo año, enamorados, él, de 6 años, y ella, de 7, decidieron fugarse de sus hogares para casarse en África.

La travesía comenzó en las primeras horas del 1º de enero cuando Mika, el joven novio, Anna Lena, la futura esposa e hija de la novia del padre del niño, y Anna Bell, testigo del enlace matrimonial de sólo 5 años, armaron el equipaje para irse al "continente negro" "porque allí hace calor". Entre las cosas que llevaron en la valija había anteojos de sol, juguetes de playa, ropa de verano y provisiones.

Los menores de edad caminaron un kilómetro hasta tomar un tranvía, el mismo que, tres kilómetros después, los dejó en la Estación Central de Hannover, donde pensaban abordar un colectivo directo al aeropuerto.

Sin embargo, en intención quedó la idea de tomar el micro, ya que empleados de la estación ferroviaria advirtieron que los tres niños no estaban con adulto alguno y dieron aviso a la Policía, quienes entretuvieron a los enamorados hasta la llegada de sus padres, publicó el diario Clarín.

// Nos casamos en África EP //

1.- Lectura obligatoria
2.- Devil Me
3.- Martes en la mañana
4.- Issues
5.- Mi sostenido


RAR file, includes artwork

Compuesto por: Bi-Log (Andreina B + Ana S + Erly J). Grabado en Pin y Punk Studios 2008/2009 por Erly. J. Ruiz. Mezclado en Cromo Audiolab por Claudio Ramirez. Caracas, Venezuela. Fotografía por Ana. S. Espinoza. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2009.


Hey Chica! Do You Really Believe...?

"Aunque en esencia se trata de música pop frágil que aborda la muy personal historia de Jeka y Kiwi a través de canciones tan enternecedoras como entrañables, en Do You Really Believe...? Hey Chica! consigue dejar claro que –quizá puedan pecar de ser sentimentales a la hora de escribir sus letras, pero– al menos la parte musical del proyecto, no sólo es para chicas. Y es aquí donde comienza lo interesante, pues el resto de la banda está compuesta por chicos oriundos de la escena hardcore punk y garage de Guadalajara, por lo que la música más pop y girly que estos llegan a escuchar sin hacer muecas, justo es la de Hey Chica! Una que a modo de exquisito placer culpable, también consiguió inmiscuirse favorablemente entre las manos de gente como Fax, Childs y Loopdrop."


// Do You Really Believe? EP //

1.- Mouse and Mars
2.- Roy
3.- Issues
4.- Time Machine
5.- Curse the Space

// Remixes //

6.- Hey Chica! - Issues (Bi-Log Remake)
7.- Hey Chica! - Issues (Rifhes Remix)
8.- Hey Chica! - Issues (pepepe Rave Remix)


RAR file, includes artwork and remixes

All songs written and performed by Hey Chica! (Jeka, Kiwi, Jesús Neri and Ricardo Barona) during 2006-2008. Guadalajara, MX. Recorded by Paúl Marrón, Lost Martínez & el Chino. Tracks 3 & 5 Mixed by Paúl Marrón. Tracks 1, 2 & 4 Mixed by Diego Martínez. Programming on track 2 by René Soberanis. Drums on track 4 by Carmen. Mastered by Rubén Tamayo at Facsimil. Illustrations by Gabriel Ramos Romo & Ligs. Graphic design by Jesica Gamboa. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic / Happy Garlic, 2009.


Fuck Her, or the Terrorists Win

"Fuck Her, or The Terrorists Win es un dúo de pop electrónico compuesto por dos pilares de la nueva ola regiomontana en el que podemos encontrar increíbles reminiscencias de música presentada hasta hoy sólo por bandas como The Cansecos, o en el más popular de los casos, The Postal Service. Y no es de sorprenderse, ya que de algún modo Roberto Polo (60 Tigres, Mr. Racoon, Club Comfort y En Ventura) vendría a ser algo así como un Ben Gibbard mexicano, mientras que Roger Cámara (Álbum, Los Re Sostenido, Zozaya Mariachi DJ, etc.), sería ese prolífico –pero a menudo discreto– Jimmy Tamborello, el que lo acompaña en esta encantadora y contagiosa aventura musical."


// Fuck Her or the Terrorists Win //

1.- Immutable
2.- The Anti
3.- Up the Ante
4.- Sleepers
5.- Happenstance
6.- Hipsters


RAR file, includes artwork

Fuck Her or the Terrorists Win son Roberto Polo y Roger Cámara. Producido por Bul. Grabado en Delhotel Records. Photograph by Cuauhtémoc Suárez. Design by Nicolás Pradilla. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2009.


Tropitek, Fluorescent Music

Tropitek is Immanuel Miralda, a young Mexican producer that got himself a bipolar reputation for being the responsible and creative mind behind the urban cult neo-cumbia sideproject, Afrodita. But we all have guilty pleasures, and Ima’s greatest fetish is to dance cumbias dressed as a prehispanic warrior along with his fellow goddess friend, Karin, by night. So what? The rest of the day, Ima is pretty much a laidback radio DJ and multidisciplinary artist residing in La Condesa who just happens to have one of the coolest moustaches we’ve ever seen.

Eventhough Tropitek might seem like another of his eccentric and wild cumbia experiments, it’s most likely to be the place where Ima gets the chance to really play with his very own kinda shit: Electro. Yeah you read it right. We’re going bananas!

This is not your daily fluo-house kind of stuff, this is straight-up-your-ass electro and there’s nothing but true love to this genre living in each vocal, synth, beat and bassline inside this wonderful, deep, fun and yet… dark record. So fly...

// Fluorescent Music //

1.- Fosforescente
2.- Electroplasma
3.- Boeng 343
4.- Tropitek
5.- Tiburón
6.- Parchis


RAR file, includes artwork

All music produced by Immanuel Miralda except "Tiburón", lyrics and voice by Luis Morales. Mixed and mastered by Jossie Telch in Black Bird Studio. Mexico, D.F. Photograph by Diego Ibañez. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2009.


E.lebleu: You, Me & The Werewolves

Four years can really make a difference. In 2005, Eric Gamboa delivered through Soundsister Two Years Off, a delicate, ethereal ambient folk album based on electroacustic experimentation, field recordings and noisy, warm introspection. But something changed. Gamboa is in a different place now, and with You, Me and The Werewolves (Poni Republic, 2009) he has a new goal: to make you dance!

In only 6 songs, this EP really gets diverse, taking elements from the wide dance territory, like techno/house/minimal/hiphop-ish beats, chopped vocal samples, wobbling basses, moving synths, clicks'n'cuts, you name it. The only vocals are provided by Poni fellow Nuuro, on the track "The Mothman", which sounds like a late-night England. This isn't the only collaboration: Mexican friend Rugoso adds flavor to "Polynesian Rush", while Gamboa wrestles with laptop artist Plug on a pretty fun, upbeat, live versus called "Pony Ride". Damn, I'm already tapping my toes.

This new E.lebleu release deserves at least a listen, but I recommend 2 or 3, just to have those beats burnt into your brain. So, who knows? If at first he took two years off, then four, then maybe in six years we'll get a grind / hardcore punk album or something like that. We'll wait and see.

Text by Cheky

// You, Me & The Werewolves EP //

1.- The Two Lines Between Us
2.- The Mothman feat. Nuuro
3.- I Wish You Were Real
4.- Like Tigers in the Back Seat of My Car
5.- Polynesian Rush feat. Rugoso
6.- E.lebleu vs. Plug - Pony Ride (Party In My Room Edit)


RAR file, includes artwork

All songs were produced and arranged by E.lebleu. Except "The Mothman", lyrics were written and sang by Nuuro. Artwork ("Ghostlar") by Gustavo Abascal. Eric would like to thank everybody involved with the making of this release. Especially Ainée. Peace out, you fucking satanist. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2009.


Anthna, Tones EP

Today is such a perfect day for our label and it’s mostly because we’re more than glad to present to you one of Mexico’s finest laptronica documents ever to be recorded in the history of (glichy) electronic (rock) music. Does that sound mad to you? Well, it might probably be, because it’s true.

Tones EP was released under a very limited edition through Soundsister in early 2005, this EP was so goddamn good, somehow ended up in every Mexican IDM freak, future folk pirate and weirdo post-rocker dudes’ iPod. One of those iPods just happened to be the right one, and then the next thing you know, you got Anthna onstage giving an epic massive gig at MUTEK MX’s third edition. Hell, we’ve seen Mogwai and Fennesz live for a few times, and yet, Anthna that day, for some reason managed to whoop their ass. No rubbish, mates.

Here you will find five songs that shall always remain in our thoughts like a shocking story of love, hope and pain, mostly because it was narrated to us in such a great, raw, cold, loud, fickle and strongly distorted approach. We hope you like it as much as we do.

// Tones EP //

1.- 31
2.- Domingo #14
3.- Loving Raw Bands...
4.- ...Crashing On Stage
5.- The Birds Have Gone


RAR file, includes artwork

All music and artwork by Nicolás Pradilla. Mexico City, 2005. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2009.