Tropitek, Fluorescent Music

Tropitek is Immanuel Miralda, a young Mexican producer that got himself a bipolar reputation for being the responsible and creative mind behind the urban cult neo-cumbia sideproject, Afrodita. But we all have guilty pleasures, and Ima’s greatest fetish is to dance cumbias dressed as a prehispanic warrior along with his fellow goddess friend, Karin, by night. So what? The rest of the day, Ima is pretty much a laidback radio DJ and multidisciplinary artist residing in La Condesa who just happens to have one of the coolest moustaches we’ve ever seen.

Eventhough Tropitek might seem like another of his eccentric and wild cumbia experiments, it’s most likely to be the place where Ima gets the chance to really play with his very own kinda shit: Electro. Yeah you read it right. We’re going bananas!

This is not your daily fluo-house kind of stuff, this is straight-up-your-ass electro and there’s nothing but true love to this genre living in each vocal, synth, beat and bassline inside this wonderful, deep, fun and yet… dark record. So fly...

// Fluorescent Music //

1.- Fosforescente
2.- Electroplasma
3.- Boeng 343
4.- Tropitek
5.- Tiburón
6.- Parchis


RAR file, includes artwork

All music produced by Immanuel Miralda except "Tiburón", lyrics and voice by Luis Morales. Mixed and mastered by Jossie Telch in Black Bird Studio. Mexico, D.F. Photograph by Diego Ibañez. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2009.

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