Nuuro, In Transit EP

Alex already controls his computer like an adult, but he is not even allowed to buy beer in his country yet. How ironic, huh? But don't let that stop you, because he's not just quite another nerd.

Besides the fact he's from Caracas, Venezuela, and sure knows how to make people dance, his cut-rhythm style and programming skills are just wonderful. In Transit is the sound of south american youth's folklore, flirting with electronic pop and experimental music.

01 - Edison Melodies DOWNLOAD
02 - Common Dragons DOWNLOAD
03 - Reti DOWNLOAD
04 - Terrorfist DOWNLOAD
05 - Iceolate DOWNLOAD
06 - Electrk DOWNLOAD

All songs written and produced by Alejandro Ghersi; except "Edison Melodies", contains sample from "Remain" by Jose Gonzalez, included in Veneer, 2003. In Transit, Caracas, Venezuela; 2005. Art work by Manuel Morales. Contact: www.nuuro.net.

Some rights reserved.This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2005.

Gloom, Mutatis Mutandi

We were one of those who actually thought the 90's glitchy and drilled sound was never going to be nicely produced in Mexico. But it wasn't until, 24-year-old, Juan, appeared at our house a few days ago, and introduced us his alter-ego: Gloom. This smart ass, yet humble genius, definitely proved us wrong.

Though, he is better known as Bifidus; a Filtro Netlabel dub-guided techno project, recently available at their website. Nobody had heard of him before Bifidus, some say the guy was lonely, and probably locked inside his home studio, producing dubby techno, while listening to old Autechre and Squarepusher records with nostalgia. No wonder his music is so good.

Yeah, you got it. It's IDM, the good kind, like back in the day.

01 - Mutatis Mutandi DOWNLOAD
02 - Geosynchronous DOWNLOAD
03 - Linfogranuloma DOWNLOAD
04 - Revohl DOWNLOAD
05 - Gash DOWNLOAD
06 - Cope DOWNLOAD

All songs written and produced by Bifidus. Mexico, DF, 2005. Artwork by Cristian Cárdenas.

Some rights reserved.This work is licenced under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2005.

Yamamoto, Columpio EP

Photo by Mariana Bello.

Yamamoto is a beautiful duo from Tijuana who puts out the finest no-fi pop currently available in Mexico. They've been around in the borderline noise and Kleenex pop scene since the mid nineties, and it isn't until now that we can hear them in one single piece. This is Supereit's alter-ego in love. So they say...

Boy to girl flirtations, whispers and naive sighs. Love is music that will always make us smile, and Yamamoto was not the exception. This EP is the true reason the Poni Republic started. Columpio was and is our gem. Now, it's also yours.

01 - Starflyer DOWNLOAD
02 - Nunu DOWNLOAD
03 - Bedtime Story DOWNLOAD
04 - Columpio DOWNLOAD
05 - Subebaja DOWNLOAD
06 - Stargazer DOWNLOAD

All songs written and produced by Mario Supereit and Brenda J. Tijuana, Mexico; 2005. Art work by Manuel Morales. Contact: myspace.com/yamamoto

Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2005.


The Poni Republic

Artwork by Ani Castillo.

Poni, means youth

We believe in cyberculture, punk, distronica & pop art. We are DIY and that thing you keep calling "indie".

We're from everywhere, but we prefer to party à la mexican style (sí, ¡hablamos español!)

English is not the best language of all, but it's handy to use, and it helps people like you and us communicate with others through the internet easily. So instead of bitchin', you should start learning it too. Maybe one day, we will all be able to reinvent it.

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