Yellow Yesterday

For some reason, lo-fi folk music always sounds better during the autumn or winter. Actually, one of the trademarks of Poni Republic has always been this sort of bedroom melancholia, these soft sweet naïve sounds, that our new cool buddy Mr. Yellow Yesterday seems to manage quite fine.

It's not that we will be releasing this kind of stuff from now on, but we usually can’t quit falling in love each time we encounter with such great dorky folky songs like the ones gathered in this charming self-titled EP recorded at Andres’ house using a Mac and a bunch of extra time.

This is another release dedicated for those who will be on the road the next following days.

See ya’ll starting this 2009!

// Yellow Yesterday EP //

1.- Sunday Song
2.- Girl
3.- My Place
4.- Choices


RAR file, includes artwork by Fausta

All songs written and recorded by Andrés Ibarra Rios in Mexico City. Artwork by Fausta. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2009.

Sophie Takes Pictures



Soho Riots

Just because most of you are probably traveling (for the holidays) right now, we decided to release a very special EP for you to listen to on the road, you know, as a gift, indeed.

Yeah, that's right dudes, Soho Riots play that old fashioned messy hippie bourbon rock we all love sometimes, and you gotta admit this shit's excellent for those lysergic new year's eve parties we rarely forget about!

Here's what PlayGround had to say about these guys:
"No sabemos ustedes, pero cada vez que hemos tenido oportunidad de poner pies sobre la ciudad de Guadalajara, regresamos a casa con la quijada atascada a lo Rottweiler del asombro y la mente tan desorbitada como la de Charles Manson. ¿Qué sucede en esta ciudad mexicana que el resto de su república no comparte (exceptuando el norte, por supuesto)? No lo sabemos, pero nos queda muy claro que quizá Timothy Leary hubiese sido el único capaz de explicarnos, pues sin duda, algo ocurre en la escena de ahí y no sólo se trata de magia o ebullición sicodélica infumable...

That's right duderinos! Go ahead and clean that old bong of yours, 'cause this stuff's fucking great!

// Soho Riots EP //

1.- Get Lost
2.- Coffee Shop Devil
3.- The Day of the Days
4.- Mr. Tambourine Man


RAR file, includes artwork

Este EP tiene su origen en otra tierra: la amistad y empatía. All songs written and recorded by Soho Riots in Guadalajara, Mexico. Photograph by zoé t. vizcaíno. Design by Self Control. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2009.

Bright Star Regulus

Long ago, right after one of those annoying heart-wrecks that usually arrive every three years or so, we received the following e-mail:

Hi, how are you? My name is Fan Zhang from Berkeley, California. I'm 19 years old and a first year at UC Berkeley. I've been a longtime fan, but first time submitter.

My music project that I wanted you to give a listen to is Bright Star Regulus. I made these music 2 years ago, when I was in high school. They are a bit experimental, a bit shoegazy. Give it a listen, let me know if you like.


Thank you.


Ever since then, we can’t help but to reach this EP and play it every single time that we come home and find ourselves feeling exactly the same way we did the first time we heard Bright Star Regulus’ music.

The most beautiful thing about bedroom folk music like this one, is its brutal inspiration and message of love. Good or bad, we can all easily feel (or get) the point, and well, during bad times, it just suits right.



1.- Ashes Become Shooting Stars
2.- Mixing Mutima
3.- Prince
4.- Something About You


RAR file, includes artwork

Each song was created after a few hours of trial and error with instruments and different sound effects in Audacity by Fan Zhang when he was 17 and living in California. Artwork by Self Control. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2009.

The World Won't Listen por Gustavo Abascal

Sentirse solo y estar solo no es lo mismo, pero en mi caso, sí, me siento solo aún cuando no estoy solo, pero lo siento mucho más cuando esa soledad es también física.

¿Soy demasiado consciente de la realidad, y los demás viven en un sueño de idiotas del que no quieren despertar (cosa que no les reprocho), o soy yo el estúpido que cree ver demasiado, sin ver nada?

Sea cual sea la respuesta, puedo decir que nunca he pedido estar aquí y aún estando aquí, sólo pienso en cómo salir, sin hacer ruido, sin que se note mi ausencia, como si nunca hubiera estado. Y de esa manera, sentir la ilusión de no haber existido nunca.


Más trabajo de Gustavo Abascal disponible en: aselfhatepoem.blogspot.com