Math, Nature EP

Photo by Martec Merlos.

Kevin Steinhauser writes around three or four songs every week. If he doesn't, he goes a little bit crazy, but that usually only happens with his other project: Math The Band. He has already self-released a variety of records featuring over 20 different songs each, though for Poni Republic, he only selected 7 songs especially meant for you.

Nature EP unlike any of our other releases, is the happiest one of them all. Not because it's just about being happy, but because it makes you feel cheerful and full of joy, even if Kevin is talking about non-sense topics like Antarctic excursions over folkloric mandolins being mocked by upbeat basslines, dorky flutes, catchy Casio melodies and 4/4 beats.

It's a long way until you reach Antarctica, so you better enjoy the open air, the company of your imaginary friends, and do a little dance sometimes in your way. Math gives us the songs we wish we had in our early days, when a little backyard seemed an ever changing world for us to explore.

01 - A Spirited Beginning DOWNLOAD
02 - Antarctic Excursion Pt. I DOWNLOAD
03 - Antarctic Excursion Pt. II DOWNLOAD
04 - Antarctic Excursion Pt. III DOWNLOAD
05 - Earth DOWNLOAD
06 - Trees DOWNLOAD
07 - Water DOWNLOAD

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All songs written and produced by Kevin Steinhauser. Recorded in Westford, Massachusetts. Contact: myspace.com/acousticmath.

Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2006.


Oto Efekt, Living Room EP

For musicians, the main goal is to create moods and pictures that strike each listener, suggesting mental images and drawings in order to let people penetrate its inner world. While listening to Oto Efekt; the project of young French songwriter named Phoene Somsavath, we can all see that she succeeded in doing this. All is blue and grey in her universe, and remains pale for each song.

She sings about the darkest parts of her life, talking about experiences and men we don't know. Are they friends or lovers who have disappeared, or people she met, and then lost? Who are Vincent and Eduardo? Who said something? She just asks for answers and needs for help, and perhaps only the listener can answer these questions. She stands here, naked and revealing her world and thoughts, and musically, the listener becomes a kind of confessor and a way for her to rest and confide.

The Living Room EP is amazing and wonderful, intimate and intelligent. From song to song, the listener will go for a walk, taking Phoene by the hand, and share her musical universe.

Review by Slug @ Past All Concerns.

01 - In This Hole (Poni Mix) DOWNLOAD
02 - Vincent DOWNLOAD
03 - Something You Said DOWNLOAD
05 - Song For Eduardo DOWNLOAD

ZIP file, includes printable artwork

Guitars, keyboards, concertina, programming, vocals by Phoene Somsavath. All songs written by Phoene Somsavath. Mixed and masterized by Pierre Lefeuvre except In This Hole (Poni Mix); mixed by Phoene Somsavath. Recorded in Paris, 2006. Contact: www.otoefekt.com. Art work by Paulina Magos / Phoene Somsavath.

Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2006.