Anton, To Terra

Sometimes, we tend to get a little crazy in here. As you may already know, Poni Republic seeks pop through all sorts of art, initiatives and sounds. We truly believe there are pop references everywhere and actually, finding them, is one of our favorite sports. Although Anton in this particular case was the one who found us, we consider these spontaneous mutual discoveries THE true objective of this so-called netlabel game, thus we’re more than happy to introduce you once again, to one of the most fucked up releases we’ve ever hosted.

To Terra, lies somewhere between the atmospheres of the earliest Richard D. James’ work and the forever-yummy atmospheres, textures and bipolarity of the legendary roster of Rephlex Records. Do any of you remember Bogdan Raczynski or Cylobotnia? Well we do, as a matter of fact, we always do, a little bit too much, to be sincere. However, this release is also “a compilation of tracks put together as a vessel for adventures, experiences, memories, and best friends. Enjoy” so says Anton Vegel, the guy behind this scene.

// To Terra //

1.- Form
2.- Grum
3.- Wee-hu
4.- Square Ex
5.- Death Acid
6.- You and She
7.- Fuyo's Noise
8.- Whe Whe
9.- Luces
10.- Quest
11.- Mega BXX
12.- 2
13.- Prance
14.- Sunshine Beach
15.- Joure
16.- Hiyaki's Supercomputer
17.- Room Amatory
18.- 3
19.- More Shy
20.- Coplet
21.- You Left


RAR file, includes artwork

Everything by Anton Vegel. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2009.

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