Sunday Parlours/ Anois, Split EP

This is the kind of music you'd put together on a mixtape for one of those romantically hurtful soundtracks we all have lying around in our thoughts. Remember when hooking up split EPs was intriguing and exciting? Those times when two of your favorite bands were put together in one short record, just for the experience of sharing a couple of songs to each other?

Fortunately, these times are still going on, in different formats indeed, but the spirit can hardly be denied. Anois and Sunday Parlours mean so much to our label that the minute we heard this, we just stood there overwhelmed, kind of like when you have a crush. Silently happy.

Both projects were inevitably put together by destiny -or by accident, as Malte from Sunday Parlours says they met-, and we're absolutely celebrating the fact that we were able to put this release out to you for free. Somewhere between the development of Anois' forthcoming debut album and the latest release of Sunday Parlours, both couples were kind enough to gather a handful of precious folk pop lullabies for us.

Honest sounds, creative passages and pretty enjoyable nostalgic lyrics great for a weekend to stay home, open up that forgotten box of memories and abandon yourself to a set of melancholic whispers.

01 - The Words You Spoke DOWNLOAD
02 - Winter Stories DOWNLOAD
03 - November DOWNLOAD
04 - Homecall DOWNLOAD

ZIP file, includes printable artwork

Tracks 1 & 2 written by Malte Jantzen and Saskia Melina Waldeck (Sunday Parlours). Tracks 3 & 4 written by Lars Kranholdt and Anne Bayer (Anois). Artwork by Anna Emilia. Germany, 2007. Contact: myspace.com/sundayparlours & pleasemutetoday.com.

Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2007.

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I really liked this ep, downloading...