Sappho, The Civilized Thing To Do

"These mexican youngsters present their home-made debut under the title The Civilized Thing To Do. They recall the crash of the classic Wall of Sound, circa Loveless, against Pavement's roughest work passing through Brian Wilson's Smile spirit. Not quite a civilized act... but these guys know how to throw acid parties."

Or so they say...

Either way, except for Sappho, there is absolutely no other band based in Mexico that resembles, with such elegance and tenderness, the greatest moments of indie rock's dearest and everlasting road. Just ask Kramer what he thought about these kids.

Sappho disbanded late 2007. This is the only album they ever recorded.

01 - Celestine DOWNLOAD
02 - Aardvark Song DOWNLOAD
03 - I'm Theoretical DOWNLOAD
04 - La Nostalgie Du Cannibale
05 - Girl To Girl DOWNLOAD
06 - Rat Tat Tat DOWNLOAD
07 - Oui
08 - Victorialand
09 - Love Spiders
10 - The Glowing Hand

All songs are now availble at Last FM

Sappho: Diego H. Chávez, Francisco Flores, Luis Alberto González, Jesus Neri, Andrés Romo Chávez. With: Ignacio Beruben, Janet Camargo, Julio C. Carmona, Mauricio Estrada, Alejandro Gallo, Sol González, James Lehner, Sandra Michel, Pilar Servin and Ricardo Venegas. Layout: David Montoya. Watercolors: Francisco Flores.

Recorded by Sappho. Mixing and additional recording: Paúl Marrón.
Mastering: Kramer. Executive Producer: Javier Audirac. Guadalajara, México; 2007.

Poni Republic. All rights reserved. Distributed worldwide via iTunes by Second Shimmy.

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