pepepe - Roba orgón de plantas y animales

Carlos Pesina is pepepe. An experimental electronic music performer from Guadalajara, Mexico, better known for his eccentric behavior and complex improvisations at local parties and gigs than anything else.

“Roba orgón de plantas y animales” is pepepe’s second release at Poni Republic, only this time, a little different from his remixes EP, for this recording contains his most intricate and emotional work so far, featuring beautiful girl vocals (Cyané) almost in every track, as well as samples from Hey Chica! and a remix of his own to Unsexy Nerd Ponies' "1986 Valerie".

This is by far one of our favorite releases ever, it just fits right, somewhere between Atlas Sound, The Books and... Akufen? So Carlos says, anyways. But indeed, there's a lot of micro-sampling involved in this record. Future folk pop at its finest.


1.- Unsexy Nerd Ponies - 1986 Valerie (pepepe remix)
2.- Jacinto Cenobio
3.- Sleep With You
4.- Simetría
5.- Algebra
6.- Mirar a los ojos es de mal gusto
7.- Te fundes

RAR file, includes artwork

All songs written and performed by Carlos Pesina and Cyané, except on track 1 "1986 Valerie" orginally by Unsexy Nerd Ponies. Track 2 "Jacinto Cenobio" originally by Amparo Ochoa. Track 6 "Mirar a los ojos es del mal gusto" contains sample by Hey Chica! Contact: myspace.com/pepepepepepepepepe

Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2009.


Adrián Anaya said...

Keh leandough.

bufi said...

que chido

Peach Melba said...


Rod Warner said...

Great stuff - thanks!

la pola said...

está precioso

Mika Martini said...

muy bien!
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LeonLeonLeon said...

pepepe rifa! y rifa bien!

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