Spondee, Self-Titled EP

Here we have one of those odd cases at the Poni Republic. Why? Because Clint, the front man of this band from Idaho, sent us an e-mail a lot of months ago, when he was still living in Mexico, and due to the huge amount of spam and bad demos we receive daily, we sorta missed it. But, when he got back home and finished his "Pop Your Sucks Off" LP, he decided to contact us again, but this time with a pretty cool story about his experience in Ecatepec (WTF where you doing there man!?) and his crush on Julieta Venegas that made our day.

Anyways, the deal is, Spondee reminds us of many things. Mostly pretty things, like our first night out with that cute foreigner indie rocker, who –at first– just looked like a cute hippie, but in the end, turns out this person listens to Built To Spill and whatever’s blasting off your average college radio all the time; and with a smile too. Always dancing and giggling, snapping them fingers, looking beautiful 24/7, like no way dude... Ain’t that cool?

Oh come on, there’s nothing better than going out to a pub, play air hockey, eat hot wings, ignore “the” ball game on telly all your nerdy friends are nuts about, and instead, hook up that hottie who just happens to have a Vespa waiting for you two outside.

So now you know what we did last spring break. Perhaps you should try it too.


1.- Welcom
2.- Lovelorn Robot
3.- Annie's Home Tonite
4.- Pop Your Socks Off
5.- Some Say She's Evil
6.- Dancin' Shoes

RAR file, includes artwork

Spondee is Melissa Vickery (keys), Cody White (guitar), Noah Jensen (bass), Clint Vickery (vocals/guitar/keys), Seth Kasunik (drums), James Lloyd (conga/tambourine), Gia Trotter (vocals on tracks 4 & 5). All songs written by Clint Vickery. Recorded/Mastered at Coming In Second studio by Jeremy Jensen & Clint Vickery. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2009.


osenboz said...
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osenboz said...

i just wanted to tell you that i added your release to my blog for creative-common-licensed music !

check it out here:
greetings, raphael

finn riggins said...

rad. spondee is rad. psyched you put out this EP. people will love it.