Unsexy Nerd Ponies presents Family Reunited

Sometime during his 21 years, Jímenez Gallardo decided to gather all of his family at home because he felt the terrible need to spill out all of his emotional issues over the table, and –why not– perhaps find some directions within the wise speech of his parents, before hitting an awful heart wreck or even worse: a new life lesson. In case you were wondering, the meeting ended up so well, Jímenez Gallardo named this EP full of angsty vocals, dirty synths and raw beatboxes after that memorable experience.

Now, this might sound a bit crazy, but Unsexy Nerd Ponies is like the Son of Rambow of (non) French electro synth-punk pop music.


1.- El futuro en 1982
2.- NightVisionPussy
3.- 1986 Valerie
4.- We Are Gold
5.- Cave Cave Cave
6.- The Story Ends VI


RAR file, includes artwork

All songs written and recorded by Marco Antonio Jiménez Gallardo. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2009.


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huyy que bueno esta, :)

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