Anois, Tracery On A Frosted Window EP

It doesn't matter what's your spot in the globe, if it's spring, summer or fall. Anois will trick winter upon your toes, or any season that makes you feel remotely cold.

Poni Republic couldn't be more proud to present Anois' debut EP, a folk guided chamber pop music record, beautifully crafted by intimate atmospheres and shivering whispers sung softly by a girl and a boy, as if they were memories of earlier conversations about uncertain destinies.

Let the music of Lars Kranholdt and Anne Bayer embrace, you and your loneliness, even if you're one of those who brats about being completely happy.

01 - Set The Pace DOWNLOAD
02 - And You Are Okay DOWNLOAD
03 - Tracery On A Frosted Window DOWNLOAD
04 - Min-For DOWNLOAD
05 - Throw Out The Light DOWNLOAD
06 - #3 DOWNLOAD
07 - I'm Currently Not Plenty DOWNLOAD

ZIP file, includes printable artwork.

All songs written and produced by Anois. Guitar, vocals and programming by Lars Kranholdt. Additional vocals by Anne Bayer. Violin by Nastasja Ernst. Recorded up north Germany; 2005. Contact: pleasemutetoday.com.

Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2006.

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