Sunday Parlours, Self-titled

Malte Jantzen and Saskia Melina are the kind of persons who chill at their flats with no fear of staying there locked until late night, just sitting there, passionately silent, listening with infinite attention to their most favorite songs, mutually whispering, so they don't disrespect whoever is performing through the stereo.

Are you that kind of person too? We are.

Sunday Parlours is that kind of music that leaves you alone with your most intimate sighs and thoughts. Lo-fi bedroom folk from Nordhessen, Germany, that will dearly daze those who like the moods of Komëit, Quarks, Anois, or Spain, Ida, and Hayden.

01 - Chapter One: The Matching Face DOWNLOAD
02 - The Cold DOWNLOAD
03 - Dear Annabelle DOWNLOAD
04 - Chapter Two: There Is Nothing But Emptiness When You Leave DOWNLOAD
05 - Passenger Seat DOWNLOAD
06 The Arrival of the Story of the Sailors' Wife DOWNLOAD
07 Chapter Three: Will It Always Be Like This? DOWNLOAD

ZIP file, includes printable artwork

Songs for Sunday Parlours are Malte Jantzen & Saskia Melina Waldeck. Recorded 2006 by Malte Jantzen & Saskia Melina Waldeck. Artwork by Lars Kranholdt. Contact: myspace.com/songsforsundayparlours.

Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2006.

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ErikHansen said...

Thanks for aloowing me to download and listen to your wonderful music! Cheers! -Erik