Nuuro, In Transit EP

Alex already controls his computer like an adult, but he is not even allowed to buy beer in his country yet. How ironic, huh? But don't let that stop you, because he's not just quite another nerd.

Besides the fact he's from Caracas, Venezuela, and sure knows how to make people dance, his cut-rhythm style and programming skills are just wonderful. In Transit is the sound of south american youth's folklore, flirting with electronic pop and experimental music.

01 - Edison Melodies DOWNLOAD
02 - Common Dragons DOWNLOAD
03 - Reti DOWNLOAD
04 - Terrorfist DOWNLOAD
05 - Iceolate DOWNLOAD
06 - Electrk DOWNLOAD

All songs written and produced by Alejandro Ghersi; except "Edison Melodies", contains sample from "Remain" by Jose Gonzalez, included in Veneer, 2003. In Transit, Caracas, Venezuela; 2005. Art work by Manuel Morales. Contact: www.nuuro.net.

Some rights reserved.This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. The Poni Republic, 2005.

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